What is the Community Darkroom of Akron.

What is the Community Darkroom of Akron? We are a organization that promotes and teaches the use of film for photography. We also promote and teach print making in the darkroom. A membership is required to use the darkroom but if you want to take the classes we offer, a membership is not required, and you will have use of the darkroom during the class programming. Our darkroom will be equipped to make both b&w and color prints. The necessary chemicals to develop b&w film and make b&w prints will be provided, you’ll just need to bring your film and print paper. Our equipment will be able to handle every thing from 35mm all the way up to Large Format 4X5. We encourage everyone to use our facility, from beginners to professionals we will try to meet every ones needs. Our ultimate goal is to run a scholarship program for middle and high school students to learn and appreciate the use of film.

Darkroom Days

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