Community Darkroom of Akron is shooting to make film photography Affordable and accessible to everyone

Open house every Tuesday from 7-10pm

WE OFFER MEMBERSHIPs and Non-member darkoom use

How it works….. You get anytime access to the darkroom and finishing space. Unlimited Hours. Each member must go through an Orientation class before using the space, and must be knowledgeable with all equipment and chemistry. Your first 3 visits to the space must be when there is darkroom staff on premise.

What you get…… All basic chemistry for both b&w and color film developing and printmaking
Easels and trays for printing up to 20X24
Grain Focusers, Timers and contact printing glass.
Multigrade Contrast Filters and Dodge and Burn tools.
Film Developing Canisters for 35mm 120mm and cut film
up to 4X5. Film Drying Cabinet Print Drying Racks. Mat cutters and dry mount press.

Non-Member darkroom rental available please call or email to book.


Community Darkroom of Akron offers classes for both color and black and white film developing and print making.In a an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19 all classes are a one on one format. Days and time of classes are flexible and can be scheduled as needed.

Introduction to Black and White Film Photography

A 4 week course that is designed to teach you how to properly use your film camera, the best ways to achieve proper exposure, how to develop that film into negatives, how to make contact prints and how to make basic prints on RC paper. Sign up for the package or just take classes individually.

Color Film developing C41 process and Color printmaking RA4 Process classes

Community darkroom of Akron has a color program for individuals with or without prior darkroom experience. see the classes page for more info.

Film Developing and Prints

Community Darkroom of Akron is now offering film developing and Prints. We will be developing both 35mm and 120mm film for both color and b&w. We are also making prints from your negatives. Have some old family photo negatives you would like to get prints made? No problem we can make prints from a variety of film types and sizes for both color and b&w negatives.

Staffed Hours

Tuesdays:  6:30-10pm

Thursdays:  6:30-10pm

Saturdays:  6:30-11pm

Stay Informed

There are currently not any Home available.