We offer Memberships and Non-Member Darkroom hours

$35 a month (minimum 3 month commitment)

How it works….. You get anytime access to the darkroom and finishing space. Unlimited Hours. Each member must go through an Orientation class before using the space, and must be knowledgeable with all equipment and chemistry. Your first 3 visits to the space must be when there is darkroom staff on premise.

What you get… All basic chemistry is included. Both b&w and color for film developing and print making.
Easels and trays for printing up to 20X24
Grain Focusers, Timers and contact printing glass.
Multigrade Contrast Filters and Dodge and Burn tools.
Film Developing Canisters for 35mm 120mm and cut film
up to 4X5. Film Drying Cabinet Print Drying Racks. Mat cutters and dry mount press.

We provide almost everything you need to develop film and make prints,you just need to provide your own film, paper, any protective gear( googles gloves…etc) and rags.

Please call or email to set up membership, orientation and key access. 330-208-3537

Non-member Darkroom access

$15 per hour 4 hour minimum, by appointment only. Please call or email to set up darkroom use times. 330-208-3537 or email